Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey, remember when I was all, I'm going to keep my blog updated and then I did, for like a month. Yeah, sorry about that. We've been kind of busy and when I have free time I take a pregnant lady nap, I mean do homework. Since the last post we've actually been on Charlie's first plane ride(s), which was ummm...ok, found out we're having a GIRL, got Larin back from CA and just been keeping busy with school, work and life! I've decided to be sick with bladder infections, general pregnant lady vomits and most recently pink eye! I just think they are planning on keeping me on antibiotics until this baby comes out! Ok, probably not but that's what it feels like. Charlie is starting to make more sense when he talks and is a busy busy little boy. He loves to climb and jump, yes JUMP off of things. This is a ton of fun for me, I'm just waiting for the broken bones to begin. In his defense right before he jumps he yells "JUMP!" so if I'm near enough I can catch him. He is a hoarder and finds and fills bags, pillowcases or boxes with whatever he deems interesting. I have to go through these bags every night before bed, usually finding change, toys, pieces of paper and all sorts of knick-knacks. And by knick-knacks I mean pretty much garbage! Can you hear me sighing? Anyways here's a few pics of the rotten little guy, I'll try and be better. Maybe once I'm allowed to wear contacts and makeup again I'll get my fat-belly picture done since I'm 25 weeks today. Eeek!
Trying on hats in Walmart, don't let the cuteness trick you, he's still rotten, I promise.
He put this one on and yelled "HOOK!" Haha, he loves pirates and when he's in the tub pretends he's in a boat it's so funny.
With Daddy after the scavenger hunt.
At the scavenger hunt with Thomas, or choo-choo as Charlie calls him. Poor Thomas, Charlie chases him around and yells Choo-choo at him all the time!
We took Charlie bowling at Sgt.Numa's son's b-day party. He thought it was awesome...until he found out about the whole taking turns thing. That was not awesome. He would get so mad at us and go pout to Sgt.Numa and tell on us.
While cleaning out baby stuff (i.e. getting rid of a lot of boy clothes and seeing how much girl crap we have to buy) I cleaned off some of Charlie's old baby toys. He has decided they are still his even though every time he climbs in he gets stuck and then gets mad. He's going to be sooo happy to share with his little sister I'm sure!
I try to explain the whole baby thing to him, he usually just ignores me! He does carry around a picture of the ultrasound and talks about that baby but refuses to believe me that there's a baby in my belly. I'm starting to get more excited/anxious about this girl as time seems to be just flying by and I don't feel we have anything ready! I chalk this up to the nesting instinct and hope that my mind at least calms down enough for me to sleep and do homework because all it can seem to think about is all the stuff we still need! Well that's all for now!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pregnant hungry.

Being pregnant sucks. I've done it before and remembered it sucked but forgot the details of why it sucked. It's like pregnancy amnesia, those cute chubby faced newborns make you think, "Awww, it was bad but it was ONLY 10 months and look how cute!". Stupid hormones, tricky little buggers. I've realized my pregnancy brain is officially back, where you forget stuff every 10 seconds. It's like ADHD without the energy and you can't take crack for it because it's "bad for the baby" so a lot less fun than ADHD. The other day, now don't turn me into CPS- totally forgot to change my son's diaper before naptime as I usually do and he woke up with it barely hanging on. Good thing he didn't poop or it could've been used as a weapon. No worries though, since then I've been extra diligent and as soon as the thought- you need to change the wee one- I do it right then before it has a chance to be replace with- where is my phone?- so that won't happen again. Luckily I always remember to feed him lunch, unfortunately I can't say the same for me. I forget to feed myself at least once a day which leads to another annoying pregnancy symptom- hunger. Not ordinary get something to eat your tummy is arumblin, it feels like if you don't eat within the next minute you will most certainly DIE. One second you are completely fine and then you realize it's 3 pm and you haven't had lunch. In the millisecond it takes you to realize this all of sudden you become faint and will do anything to quench the black hole that was once your stomach. You understand the saying "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse," because if you were locked in a room with a horse it wouldn't stand a freaking chance. In under 3 minutes you would kill, skin and begin roasting the horse on a spit you constructed of it's own bones, and somehow have started a fire with pure willpower. Go ahead PETA, get pissed, but in your troves of supporters there is at least one woman who has been pregnant and she understands. She ate a 24oz. medium-rare ribeye everyday for a month because of this hunger. Afterwards she was filled with that guilty satisfaction, like the time you ate a weeks worth of calories in candy bars in a single sitting, that kind of satisfaction. She's on my side. Why would you lock a hungry pregnant woman in the room with a horse anyways, that's just rude. Quit being so judgey PETA. And now I need a ribeye.Poor Beauty, she stood no chance, but was delicious.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whoops...I forgot to blog.

Sorry I haven't been keeping caught up as much as I should I've felt like poop most days and when I feel like actually getting out of pajamas I'm taking the wee one somewhere so he doesn't get too stir crazy. It's hard trying to find stuff to do because it's so stinkin' icky outside. Hot and HUMID and I don't do well in that climate (neither does my poor white child) add being nauseous, tired and pregnant bleh. I'm starting to have more good
days (like actually taking a shower and putting on CLOTHES not p.j.s) so I'm thinking it's going to get better here soon. Charlie is crazy, and I love it. He has finally decided to try and say words instead of blabbering all the time and he cracks me up! I still don't catch all of what he's saying but he is getting clearer everyday. He only says sorry if he falls or drops something but won't say it when I ask him after he's been naughty, he LOVES Toy Story and tells me about the movie- like I don't see it at least once a day- and asks for more books or kisses to put off bedtime. On some of my good days we've gone out with a little playgroup in my neighborhood and they are awesome. I love the ladies there for planning these things! We went to the zoo, pools, playgrounds, the beach and on a scavenger hunt and lots more. It's nice having a group to hang out with when you are so far from family. Here are a few pics from those.
At the Zoo feeding chickens
Scavenger hunt
At the beach!Have I mentioned the crazy amount of little critters and bugs here. I've never like the outdoors since I got old enough to know better and here I dislike it more so. There are bugs- BIG bugs, frogs, toads and lizards just running amok in our yard. This climate is a lot easier to grow in I guess. I found millions of these little bitty frogs in our yard and garden and now they are not so little, toads make a home in anything you leave outside and there is a family of lizards that live right out our front door. Charlie thinks they are funny and chases them and I sit there all freaked out having to wash his hands all the time.
See the tiny little frog, there are tons and they have gotten bigger!
Happy 4th of July!!!!They did a carnival on the 3rd for the 4th which we stopped by- it was disgustingly humid, the entire place smelt of everyone's B.O. and there were some pretty shady characters there. We were going to go on a few rides for Charlie but he decided playing on the playground there was the funnest thing so we let him go nuts and enjoy playing and it was FREE. We hiked back to our car and cranked up the AC and went home where we played with Pops and sparklers! I doubt if we're here next year we'll even bother going and just get our own fireworks, besides nothing beats the fireworks at the river in Idaho, right!?!
Throwing Pops, to see him in action look at the video on FB! On a sad note we had to get rid of Tinks, she had separation anxiety really bad and with me going back to school and the new baby and some other stuff with Larin's job (LONG STORY) it's just not in the cards. If I left at all I had to put her in her kennel or she would chew everything. We lost blinds-which she actually chewed from inside her kennel(?), the windowsill was chewed and some of the baseboards in the kitchen all from leaving her alone to run errands and I just didn't feel right locking her up all the time. We found a great place up in PA so I drove her up there a week ago and dropped her off, I might have cried but I'm pregnant so back off! It's a huge farm and the lady breeds Newfs and Tink was already loving the wide open spaces and friends so at least she went somewhere better!
That's all for now Charlie and I can't wait until August (1-24) to come back to ID to see everyone, I'll be nice and pregnant by then...wahoo!
P.S. While I was writing this, the following happened.
Hmmm... It's quiet where could Charlie have gone...Giggles from the closet and a blanket sticking out from under the door...
"Mamama look COOKIE!" Yeah, it's my fault I didn't put them up far enough apparently.

Friday, June 10, 2011


Yes, we are expecting baby number 2 here in January, January 9th to be exact. I about died when they told me I wasn't due until then. Here's to hoping I survive this horrid heat whilst pregnant! We are super excited and Larin is convinced it's a girl...eek! Not that I don't want a girl we just already have all the boy stuff. If you are friends with my mom on fb you already know this, haha! I'm having to deal with way more nausea then I did with Charlie- with him I felt sick, got sick and felt better. Now I'm sick feeling ALL DAY while trying to keep up with Charlie and falling asleep on the couch all the time. I'm 10 weeks so hopefully I get my energy and less icky feeling here in a few weeks. Don't have much to update we've just been keeping busy. I'm enrolled to start school in the fall and Larin has to go to MORE training in CA July through August so me being spoiled weaseled two tickets for Charlie and I to come back to IFtown to see family for a few weeks! We got our family pics done-yes mother I have one to send to you- and Charlie's 2 year old pics. He wasn't so happy about them so we didn't get very many. That's all for now!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catch up!

MMMmmm....root beer.

It's been a little while since I updated and it's been raining ALL day so we're stuck inside so I figured might as well. As everyone knows Charlie and I went down to South Carolina for some fun in the sun and seeing Godmom Kat graduate. We had a great time and an eight hour drive is nothing after the three-day one it took to get to MD so it went swimmingly. It was actually pretty fair weather-wise in the 70's and not near as humid as home. We hung out at the pool and ate tons of yummy food...probably too much actually.
After the swimming the wee one was exhausted, I might have been too. On our way back I stopped and caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in 6 years! Crazy, that whole Facebook bringing peeps together. We got home and I got my Mother's day gift a day early because I'm awesome like that. Drumroll...........A SHARK STEAM MOP! Sounds misogynistic to those hardcore feminists, "You're husband bought you something to clean with??!?!!?! BARF!" Well guess what, I asked for it and if you know me you know I can spend hours in the cleaning aisle because I probably should take that medicine that was prescribed me but then my house wouldn't be so nice and clean... I digress. Larin also wrote me a mushy lovey dovey card and Charlie (most likely Larin again) got me chocolate, so I win Mother's day. Now onto figuring out this schooling crap as I wait for the College here to get my transcript hullabaloo into order, I've been accepted but hey it's a Community College so not much to brag about there. Here's to hoping the Nursing school is as easy to get into as this was! This post is fairly random, sorry but that's what it has been like around here. Here let me make it more random and then the randomness can be the theme thereby making it less random.(?)Here are some random unrelated pics enjoy...

Here's the wee one doing his new favorite thing. Filling up the sink and splashing like crazy. See how he figured out his potty could become a stepping stool, yeah, that's all he uses it for. Wait correction, he also put his toys in it. Potty training is fun, right?
See how green it is in my backyard!
In those trees is a stream and here's Charlie throwing rocks in it. He loves going back here, me not so much, I hate the outdoors and it's full-fledged tick season so I have to go over us with a fine-tooth comb when we get home. But I do it, for him...ah the sacrifices.
The outside pic of my house I promised.
And done. Until later.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Jesus brings Candy Day!

Remember how I was all, once I move far away I'll post more to keep y'all updated. Look at me I'm actually doing it. You're welcome mom. Easter came and when I went in to get Charlie out of bed I tried explaining the why behind it and it sort of worked, sort of...
Me: "....and that is why we celebrate Easter!!"
Charlie: "Jesus?? Cookie? Candy!"
Me: Rubs temples-"Sigh...Close enough. You are two and that works I guess."
Charlie: "JESUS CANDY!!!! THANK YOU!!!!"

So after getting Charlie some breakfast, so he'd have something other than pure sugar to vomit up later, we went downstairs and emptied the toys out of the basket and hunted the Easter eggs. For a two year old he did pretty well finding them. It was pretty cute and then he went on a major candy bender- except he opened all his eggs to find the Reese's and wouldn't eat anything else because he's smart like that. In the midst of major sugar high he ran around with his water guns saying "Bang bang, hahahahahaha, die die die." which was creepily hilarious, all in all a good Easter.
GUNS!!! He is his father's child.

"Wow, that is a lot of calories mom."And lastly a video of what Charlie does with his Easter basket now that the candy is gone...never mind it won't load...look at it on FB.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Our new house! (Major Picture Overload)

So it's technically not OUR house since we are renting but we are so in love with it and the neighborhood we're looking into buying in this area maybe even this house if we can get a better price. We are going to wait 6 months and then looking around. The Proving Grounds are getting a major overhaul and a ton of new BRAC (military) folks are expected to be pouring in here in a year or so, so it'd be a nice place to own property. Like I said we're waiting to see and hopefully get a good price before we do something like that so yeah, stay tuned on that. I am in love with MD by the way. The people here are uber nice, I know ALL my neighbors already. The neighborhood is great and we are meeting loads of great people. Things I DON'T like- it rains ALL THE TIME. Seriously, everyday, my hair and skin is all sorts of crazy right now! This is why I don't have a pic of the outside I'll get one I promise. Um, not much else that I don't like, I do get lost a lot but that's my, not MD's, fault. It's a nice little townhouse I'll take you on a walk-through with pics of course! Oh and there are 3 levels which is why I miss even more phone calls than I usually do.
This is right as you walk in the front door. It's our kitchen, we were going to get something like a baker's rack or and island but haven't yet. Since it rains a ton Tink's kennel is in there instead. She is in time-out, I don't remember what she did but apparently it was enough for me to gate her in the kitchen!

Here is the dining room. Our original table was broken in the move this is our card table with a pretty tablecloth hiding it. I might get a new one, might not. With how much we move I kind of don't see a point!
Here is my favorite quiet place. My living room with my new couches! I have scotch-gaurded the heck out of them and don't allow the wee one on without hand-washing first, and of course NO TINK ALLOWED on them at all .period. She's going to get so big she's not allowed on ANY furniture for that matter!
You might notice my bedroom armoire in the corner. After a lot of fanangling, yelling and swears we discovered it was NOT going to make it up the stairs unless we acquire magic powers. I actually really like it down here, the room is so big it needed something over there.
We have a super-nice deck with a pretty view, which will get only prettier once everything finishes blooming there's even a pretty creek running through it all. Of course if you walk all the way out and look straight down there's a hill straight down into a run-off pond crap thingy. Not pretty but I guess when it rains this much it's necessary so that it doesn't end up in your basement so no complaints here.
UPPER LEVEL (there's also another bedroom upstairs that is packed with storage I didn't think you'd care to see that're welcome)
Here's a special treat, Charlie's room along with a full scale two year old meltdown!
Wee one-"Hey mom, let me hold the camera! I won't break this one I promise"(Translated by me it sounded more like " Dadada mememe cars, caillou.....LALALALAYAYAYAY! Chuggachoochoo.")
Me:" Yeah, right, dream on sucker. How about you climb in your new big boy bed and I'll take a picture of you! YAY!"(Acts super happy to confuse him into being happy)

See he started to climb into his bed then realized I was tricking him and he still wanted the camera.
CARS!!! And the beginning of the temper-tantrum.
Rest of the room and a pissed off two year old.

See I told you you were in for a treat...Now here's the main upstairs bathroom.
Master Bathroom- with my very own TUB! YAY me!
Master bedroom with the new TV awesome, no? We are super amazing and fit all our clothes in ONE closet since our armoire didn't make it. That is why we got a TV, saved money by not having to buy a new dresser and a congratulatory present for stuffing all our crap into one closet.
The man room has it's own bathroom, if I don't go downstairs I may never see my husband, wait he doesn't have a fridge...yet.
The man room, Larin just got off work and was not pleased I was taking photos.
And the toy room play area!
That's all folks! You want to see more come visit me.