Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Happy Jesus brings Candy Day!

Remember how I was all, once I move far away I'll post more to keep y'all updated. Look at me I'm actually doing it. You're welcome mom. Easter came and when I went in to get Charlie out of bed I tried explaining the why behind it and it sort of worked, sort of...
Me: "....and that is why we celebrate Easter!!"
Charlie: "Jesus?? Cookie? Candy!"
Me: Rubs temples-"Sigh...Close enough. You are two and that works I guess."
Charlie: "JESUS CANDY!!!! THANK YOU!!!!"

So after getting Charlie some breakfast, so he'd have something other than pure sugar to vomit up later, we went downstairs and emptied the toys out of the basket and hunted the Easter eggs. For a two year old he did pretty well finding them. It was pretty cute and then he went on a major candy bender- except he opened all his eggs to find the Reese's and wouldn't eat anything else because he's smart like that. In the midst of major sugar high he ran around with his water guns saying "Bang bang, hahahahahaha, die die die." which was creepily hilarious, all in all a good Easter.
GUNS!!! He is his father's child.

"Wow, that is a lot of calories mom."And lastly a video of what Charlie does with his Easter basket now that the candy is gone...never mind it won't load...look at it on FB.

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