Friday, April 22, 2011

Journey East

Now that we're finally settled and I got my camera back I decided I should probably update. The ride over went a lot better than I thought, thanks in large part to my mom who drove with me! As if you don't owe your parents enough already I owe her MAJOR for that. Another thanks is owed to the portable DVD player which promptly died once we got into our house but it was a well spent $70 for the long car ride. He watched that the entire time, wouldn't even sleep. We left Idaho and drove straight through to my Grandma Shirley's in Batavia and made excellent time- 24 hours! I drove the first 12 my mom the last. We were pretty exhausted on arrival and caught up on sleep. Thanks to Shirley too for letting us stay even with the stinky Tink puppy! My mom's family came to visit with us and meet Charlie for the first time ever and Charlie was sick and cranky as all heck. He went through a few outfits with the vomits, luckily not on anyone but Grandma and me (not so lucky for grandma:)! It was nice seeing everyone, sorry that we weren't the funnest to be around! They came out with a cake and a present for Charlie's birthday which was a surprise! My dad was swinging through so we were able to have dinner with (Great)Grandma Sullivan and see a few members of his family, Charlie was still pretty cranky. We left Illinois (Charlie was still sick and went through quite a few outfits on this drive) and drove straight through to Aberdeen Maryland and got to the Proving Grounds about 2 am. This is where it got fun, and by fun I mean I wanted to close myself in a closet and not come out for ten years. There was very little to choose from to rent especially with a dog. Charlie was confused, teething his three remaining eye teeth and screamed all night so there was very little sleep for anyone. When we found something it took forever for the guy to let us in even though we were paying a crapload to live there! $5200 in all, first months rent, pro-rated rent (first months rent again?? I don't know what their deal was) security deposit and a huge $1000 pet deposit. I was ready to leave Tink at the side of the road with a "Take me home" sign tied around her but I didn't. Unfortunately since it took so long for us to get in my dad, who stayed with us in the hotel on post had to leave to get back to work. My parents missed their 30th wedding anniversary because my mom stayed with us to help moving in, which was way nice having her there! Larin and I got the moving truck unloaded in a few hours while Mom stayed with Charlie at the hotel. The next day we unpacked everything from boxes and started setting up house. Once everything got moved in I started loving our new house and the neighborhood is fabulous!

Blowing out birthday candles
Uncle Dave was his favorite! Shirt numero 3 of the evening.
In shirt numero 2 of the evening.

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