Friday, April 22, 2011

Our new house! (Major Picture Overload)

So it's technically not OUR house since we are renting but we are so in love with it and the neighborhood we're looking into buying in this area maybe even this house if we can get a better price. We are going to wait 6 months and then looking around. The Proving Grounds are getting a major overhaul and a ton of new BRAC (military) folks are expected to be pouring in here in a year or so, so it'd be a nice place to own property. Like I said we're waiting to see and hopefully get a good price before we do something like that so yeah, stay tuned on that. I am in love with MD by the way. The people here are uber nice, I know ALL my neighbors already. The neighborhood is great and we are meeting loads of great people. Things I DON'T like- it rains ALL THE TIME. Seriously, everyday, my hair and skin is all sorts of crazy right now! This is why I don't have a pic of the outside I'll get one I promise. Um, not much else that I don't like, I do get lost a lot but that's my, not MD's, fault. It's a nice little townhouse I'll take you on a walk-through with pics of course! Oh and there are 3 levels which is why I miss even more phone calls than I usually do.
This is right as you walk in the front door. It's our kitchen, we were going to get something like a baker's rack or and island but haven't yet. Since it rains a ton Tink's kennel is in there instead. She is in time-out, I don't remember what she did but apparently it was enough for me to gate her in the kitchen!

Here is the dining room. Our original table was broken in the move this is our card table with a pretty tablecloth hiding it. I might get a new one, might not. With how much we move I kind of don't see a point!
Here is my favorite quiet place. My living room with my new couches! I have scotch-gaurded the heck out of them and don't allow the wee one on without hand-washing first, and of course NO TINK ALLOWED on them at all .period. She's going to get so big she's not allowed on ANY furniture for that matter!
You might notice my bedroom armoire in the corner. After a lot of fanangling, yelling and swears we discovered it was NOT going to make it up the stairs unless we acquire magic powers. I actually really like it down here, the room is so big it needed something over there.
We have a super-nice deck with a pretty view, which will get only prettier once everything finishes blooming there's even a pretty creek running through it all. Of course if you walk all the way out and look straight down there's a hill straight down into a run-off pond crap thingy. Not pretty but I guess when it rains this much it's necessary so that it doesn't end up in your basement so no complaints here.
UPPER LEVEL (there's also another bedroom upstairs that is packed with storage I didn't think you'd care to see that're welcome)
Here's a special treat, Charlie's room along with a full scale two year old meltdown!
Wee one-"Hey mom, let me hold the camera! I won't break this one I promise"(Translated by me it sounded more like " Dadada mememe cars, caillou.....LALALALAYAYAYAY! Chuggachoochoo.")
Me:" Yeah, right, dream on sucker. How about you climb in your new big boy bed and I'll take a picture of you! YAY!"(Acts super happy to confuse him into being happy)

See he started to climb into his bed then realized I was tricking him and he still wanted the camera.
CARS!!! And the beginning of the temper-tantrum.
Rest of the room and a pissed off two year old.

See I told you you were in for a treat...Now here's the main upstairs bathroom.
Master Bathroom- with my very own TUB! YAY me!
Master bedroom with the new TV awesome, no? We are super amazing and fit all our clothes in ONE closet since our armoire didn't make it. That is why we got a TV, saved money by not having to buy a new dresser and a congratulatory present for stuffing all our crap into one closet.
The man room has it's own bathroom, if I don't go downstairs I may never see my husband, wait he doesn't have a fridge...yet.
The man room, Larin just got off work and was not pleased I was taking photos.
And the toy room play area!
That's all folks! You want to see more come visit me.

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