Sunday, March 6, 2011

Running a little behind...

I've been quite bad at blogging the past few months and like everything in my life I'm running a little behind! Christmas went off without a hitch, Charlie got spoiled (SURPRISED? No, me neither) and we got to spend tons of time with family and friends and it was fabulous. Sadly we had to say goodbye to Larin/Daddy the day after New Year's for two months. It was stressful to say the least luckily I have plenty of family and friends who helped break up the craziness and watch Charlie so I didn't go completely insane, completely anyways.
We first went and spent a few days at my sister Katie's and had a much needed girl's night where we stayed up way past our bedtimes then up to my mom's for awhile, home again and back up to mom's for the birth of my newest nephew Harrison Joseph Sullivan (Robert and Rachel's wee baby boy). The entire family was able to be together for the Superbowl including my dad which was a special treat since his job keeps him out on the road so much. While up at my mom's our dog Suzie got out most likely looking for Larin and has yet to be found just a week before he was due home. We were going to get another dog anyways once we got out to Maryland so me in my impulsiveness went ahead and got a puppy....a month before our cross country move....a puppy, otherwise known as a whining poop/pee making machine...a month before our cross country move. Oh, I already said that, I'm still kind of confused myself. Apparently I like things to be AS DIFFICULT AS POSSIBLE. So now I'll be driving a two-year old and a barely three-month-old puppy across the entire United States of America. Bring on the ear plugs and Xanax. Wait probably no Xanax on account of me driving our huge truck but maybe a nightly one, with a cocktail, ok no cocktail because that's frowned upon whatever. Can you tell I'm stressed because I am. We've got most of the paperwork whatnot done just got to pack and move! I can finally post pictures because we bought a new camera as my beautiful son wrecked our other one, the one I got for Christmas three months ago...I'll let that sink in and shed a tear for our lost Nikon. And some of the puppy who is a Newfoundland. She was over 7lbs at 6 wks6 weeks-7lbs
is now a whopping 15lbs at 8 wks. 15lbs-8 weeks
I guess I shouldn't be surprised as she will end up around 130lbs. All things considered Ms.Tink is a pretty good dog just still getting the potty-training thing down.It was nice outside when we got back to Utah-for two whole days. Charlie LOVES being outside so we went and played outside for hours those two whole days and then the snow came. And then the rain came, and then the snow came again. And now it's been raining all day and expected to continue for a few days...way to go Utah way to freaking go! So we've been locked up in the house at least Larin is here to help with the crazy stir-crazy kid our once adorable wee one was. He got his very first real haircut (as in not buzzed completely off by me) and he screamed the whole time. He was not even distracted by the tootsie rolls. He is so dramatic I honestly don't know where he gets that-no snarky comments about me or I'll punch you in the face. Ok, that was a little overdramatic ignore that. Here's mister mini-Larin with his new hair which just makes him look more like his daddy! So we'll be headed off to Aberdeen, MD here at the end of March-wish us luck!!

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