Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Catch up!

MMMmmm....root beer.

It's been a little while since I updated and it's been raining ALL day so we're stuck inside so I figured might as well. As everyone knows Charlie and I went down to South Carolina for some fun in the sun and seeing Godmom Kat graduate. We had a great time and an eight hour drive is nothing after the three-day one it took to get to MD so it went swimmingly. It was actually pretty fair weather-wise in the 70's and not near as humid as home. We hung out at the pool and ate tons of yummy food...probably too much actually.
After the swimming the wee one was exhausted, I might have been too. On our way back I stopped and caught up with a friend I hadn't seen in 6 years! Crazy, that whole Facebook bringing peeps together. We got home and I got my Mother's day gift a day early because I'm awesome like that. Drumroll...........A SHARK STEAM MOP! Sounds misogynistic to those hardcore feminists, "You're husband bought you something to clean with??!?!!?! BARF!" Well guess what, I asked for it and if you know me you know I can spend hours in the cleaning aisle because I probably should take that medicine that was prescribed me but then my house wouldn't be so nice and clean... I digress. Larin also wrote me a mushy lovey dovey card and Charlie (most likely Larin again) got me chocolate, so I win Mother's day. Now onto figuring out this schooling crap as I wait for the College here to get my transcript hullabaloo into order, I've been accepted but hey it's a Community College so not much to brag about there. Here's to hoping the Nursing school is as easy to get into as this was! This post is fairly random, sorry but that's what it has been like around here. Here let me make it more random and then the randomness can be the theme thereby making it less random.(?)Here are some random unrelated pics enjoy...

Here's the wee one doing his new favorite thing. Filling up the sink and splashing like crazy. See how he figured out his potty could become a stepping stool, yeah, that's all he uses it for. Wait correction, he also put his toys in it. Potty training is fun, right?
See how green it is in my backyard!
In those trees is a stream and here's Charlie throwing rocks in it. He loves going back here, me not so much, I hate the outdoors and it's full-fledged tick season so I have to go over us with a fine-tooth comb when we get home. But I do it, for him...ah the sacrifices.
The outside pic of my house I promised.
And done. Until later.

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