Sunday, July 10, 2011

Pregnant hungry.

Being pregnant sucks. I've done it before and remembered it sucked but forgot the details of why it sucked. It's like pregnancy amnesia, those cute chubby faced newborns make you think, "Awww, it was bad but it was ONLY 10 months and look how cute!". Stupid hormones, tricky little buggers. I've realized my pregnancy brain is officially back, where you forget stuff every 10 seconds. It's like ADHD without the energy and you can't take crack for it because it's "bad for the baby" so a lot less fun than ADHD. The other day, now don't turn me into CPS- totally forgot to change my son's diaper before naptime as I usually do and he woke up with it barely hanging on. Good thing he didn't poop or it could've been used as a weapon. No worries though, since then I've been extra diligent and as soon as the thought- you need to change the wee one- I do it right then before it has a chance to be replace with- where is my phone?- so that won't happen again. Luckily I always remember to feed him lunch, unfortunately I can't say the same for me. I forget to feed myself at least once a day which leads to another annoying pregnancy symptom- hunger. Not ordinary get something to eat your tummy is arumblin, it feels like if you don't eat within the next minute you will most certainly DIE. One second you are completely fine and then you realize it's 3 pm and you haven't had lunch. In the millisecond it takes you to realize this all of sudden you become faint and will do anything to quench the black hole that was once your stomach. You understand the saying "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse," because if you were locked in a room with a horse it wouldn't stand a freaking chance. In under 3 minutes you would kill, skin and begin roasting the horse on a spit you constructed of it's own bones, and somehow have started a fire with pure willpower. Go ahead PETA, get pissed, but in your troves of supporters there is at least one woman who has been pregnant and she understands. She ate a 24oz. medium-rare ribeye everyday for a month because of this hunger. Afterwards she was filled with that guilty satisfaction, like the time you ate a weeks worth of calories in candy bars in a single sitting, that kind of satisfaction. She's on my side. Why would you lock a hungry pregnant woman in the room with a horse anyways, that's just rude. Quit being so judgey PETA. And now I need a ribeye.Poor Beauty, she stood no chance, but was delicious.


The Shaws said...

You are so awesome! I hate pregnant brain. I have to make lists everywhere or I forget everything! Maybe put a sign on Charlie's door that says did you change my bum? LOL too funny
I love you and hope you don't have to eat a horse, I would much rather eat the big ribeye steak!!

Katie Lee said...

haha... love this. I am one of those crazy girls who really does love being pregnant (despite wanting to eat a horse and forgetting to feed myself and change my child.) Can't wait to see what the new one will look like. You already have such a beautiful little boy!!!