Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hey, remember when I was all, I'm going to keep my blog updated and then I did, for like a month. Yeah, sorry about that. We've been kind of busy and when I have free time I take a pregnant lady nap, I mean do homework. Since the last post we've actually been on Charlie's first plane ride(s), which was ummm...ok, found out we're having a GIRL, got Larin back from CA and just been keeping busy with school, work and life! I've decided to be sick with bladder infections, general pregnant lady vomits and most recently pink eye! I just think they are planning on keeping me on antibiotics until this baby comes out! Ok, probably not but that's what it feels like. Charlie is starting to make more sense when he talks and is a busy busy little boy. He loves to climb and jump, yes JUMP off of things. This is a ton of fun for me, I'm just waiting for the broken bones to begin. In his defense right before he jumps he yells "JUMP!" so if I'm near enough I can catch him. He is a hoarder and finds and fills bags, pillowcases or boxes with whatever he deems interesting. I have to go through these bags every night before bed, usually finding change, toys, pieces of paper and all sorts of knick-knacks. And by knick-knacks I mean pretty much garbage! Can you hear me sighing? Anyways here's a few pics of the rotten little guy, I'll try and be better. Maybe once I'm allowed to wear contacts and makeup again I'll get my fat-belly picture done since I'm 25 weeks today. Eeek!
Trying on hats in Walmart, don't let the cuteness trick you, he's still rotten, I promise.
He put this one on and yelled "HOOK!" Haha, he loves pirates and when he's in the tub pretends he's in a boat it's so funny.
With Daddy after the scavenger hunt.
At the scavenger hunt with Thomas, or choo-choo as Charlie calls him. Poor Thomas, Charlie chases him around and yells Choo-choo at him all the time!
We took Charlie bowling at Sgt.Numa's son's b-day party. He thought it was awesome...until he found out about the whole taking turns thing. That was not awesome. He would get so mad at us and go pout to Sgt.Numa and tell on us.
While cleaning out baby stuff (i.e. getting rid of a lot of boy clothes and seeing how much girl crap we have to buy) I cleaned off some of Charlie's old baby toys. He has decided they are still his even though every time he climbs in he gets stuck and then gets mad. He's going to be sooo happy to share with his little sister I'm sure!
I try to explain the whole baby thing to him, he usually just ignores me! He does carry around a picture of the ultrasound and talks about that baby but refuses to believe me that there's a baby in my belly. I'm starting to get more excited/anxious about this girl as time seems to be just flying by and I don't feel we have anything ready! I chalk this up to the nesting instinct and hope that my mind at least calms down enough for me to sleep and do homework because all it can seem to think about is all the stuff we still need! Well that's all for now!

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