Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Whoops...I forgot to blog.

Sorry I haven't been keeping caught up as much as I should I've felt like poop most days and when I feel like actually getting out of pajamas I'm taking the wee one somewhere so he doesn't get too stir crazy. It's hard trying to find stuff to do because it's so stinkin' icky outside. Hot and HUMID and I don't do well in that climate (neither does my poor white child) add being nauseous, tired and pregnant bleh. I'm starting to have more good
days (like actually taking a shower and putting on CLOTHES not p.j.s) so I'm thinking it's going to get better here soon. Charlie is crazy, and I love it. He has finally decided to try and say words instead of blabbering all the time and he cracks me up! I still don't catch all of what he's saying but he is getting clearer everyday. He only says sorry if he falls or drops something but won't say it when I ask him after he's been naughty, he LOVES Toy Story and tells me about the movie- like I don't see it at least once a day- and asks for more books or kisses to put off bedtime. On some of my good days we've gone out with a little playgroup in my neighborhood and they are awesome. I love the ladies there for planning these things! We went to the zoo, pools, playgrounds, the beach and on a scavenger hunt and lots more. It's nice having a group to hang out with when you are so far from family. Here are a few pics from those.
At the Zoo feeding chickens
Scavenger hunt
At the beach!Have I mentioned the crazy amount of little critters and bugs here. I've never like the outdoors since I got old enough to know better and here I dislike it more so. There are bugs- BIG bugs, frogs, toads and lizards just running amok in our yard. This climate is a lot easier to grow in I guess. I found millions of these little bitty frogs in our yard and garden and now they are not so little, toads make a home in anything you leave outside and there is a family of lizards that live right out our front door. Charlie thinks they are funny and chases them and I sit there all freaked out having to wash his hands all the time.
See the tiny little frog, there are tons and they have gotten bigger!
Happy 4th of July!!!!They did a carnival on the 3rd for the 4th which we stopped by- it was disgustingly humid, the entire place smelt of everyone's B.O. and there were some pretty shady characters there. We were going to go on a few rides for Charlie but he decided playing on the playground there was the funnest thing so we let him go nuts and enjoy playing and it was FREE. We hiked back to our car and cranked up the AC and went home where we played with Pops and sparklers! I doubt if we're here next year we'll even bother going and just get our own fireworks, besides nothing beats the fireworks at the river in Idaho, right!?!
Throwing Pops, to see him in action look at the video on FB! On a sad note we had to get rid of Tinks, she had separation anxiety really bad and with me going back to school and the new baby and some other stuff with Larin's job (LONG STORY) it's just not in the cards. If I left at all I had to put her in her kennel or she would chew everything. We lost blinds-which she actually chewed from inside her kennel(?), the windowsill was chewed and some of the baseboards in the kitchen all from leaving her alone to run errands and I just didn't feel right locking her up all the time. We found a great place up in PA so I drove her up there a week ago and dropped her off, I might have cried but I'm pregnant so back off! It's a huge farm and the lady breeds Newfs and Tink was already loving the wide open spaces and friends so at least she went somewhere better!
That's all for now Charlie and I can't wait until August (1-24) to come back to ID to see everyone, I'll be nice and pregnant by then...wahoo!
P.S. While I was writing this, the following happened.
Hmmm... It's quiet where could Charlie have gone...Giggles from the closet and a blanket sticking out from under the door...
"Mamama look COOKIE!" Yeah, it's my fault I didn't put them up far enough apparently.


Anonymous said...

Dont crank the AC immediately, there are tons of awful chemicals from the heated plastic in your car. Windows down for a while to air it out then turn the AC on.

The Shaws said...

I am sorry about Tink Jess, that is such a tough decision. Charlie is so cute! Looks like you are doing well! Congrats on going back to school too, wow lots to do! ;)