Monday, November 2, 2009

Very First Halloween

Halloween Day began with us packing up and heading down to Springville to see the newest addition to the Harris clan, Samantha Marie, Sherwin and Laurie's daughter. They had a little get together to have her blessed. She is soo itty bitty and ADORABLE! Here are some pictures from that.
Sherwin and Laurie and Samantha

Sabrina holding Samantha, Katie, and Nicholas(with their two uncles trying to not be in the picture!)
Here's a closer one of the oldest Sabrina holding the youngest Samantha in her dress.We had a lunch with family and friends then headed back home to get ready for Halloween.
Here's some of Charlie in his Jack-Jack Incredible costume. I didn't realize until I put him in it that putting velcro on the i might not have been the best idea. He figured he could pull it off pretty fast so we had to safety pin it.

See he is trying to eat it here. I made Larin hold up the cape because it was soo cute!
All bundled up and ready to go!!This is everyone we went trick or treating with, friends and all their kids, we had quite a big bunch! A few witches, vampires, fairy princesses, skeletons, a chicken, a monkey, a biker and Jack-Jack.
This is my friends brother Jubal who sat outside like this holding a candy bowl and jumping up at the last minute to scare poor trick or treaters, what a meanie!Charlie in the stroller after my arms gave out from carrying him all night!It was a pretty exciting Halloween, Charlie stayed up way past his bedtime but was too cute to be mad at!!

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