Thursday, October 29, 2009

Halloween prep...

First off I have to say how much I LOVE having holidays now that we have Charlie, you get to do all the fun stuff you did when you were a kid, it's great. I'm glad it has finally cooled off down here, I'm definitely from Idaho, I loveeee colder weather, I'm weird I know...but look how cute Charlie is in his warm p.j.s. And holding the bottle by himself, sometimes!

So Larin, Charlie and I went to the pumpkin patch to pick out our pumpkins, Charlie couldn't have been less interested as you can tell from the following pics. When we finally got him to look at the camera I wasn't looking but we had taken tons so oh well.See he isn't interested, kinda sleepy.

Here is our pumpkins before, Larin and I haven't got ours done yet but we will!

So we HAD to have Charlie involved in decorating his pumpkin, I know he's so young he won't remember but it was fun for us so whatever!!
We decided to be brave and get fingerpaint and let him go nuts!!
This is the BEFORE PIC
He was loving the gooey feeling and laughing, it was too cute!
I think he might be an artist, he was VERY serious about the painting, here he was reaching for more colors.
After the pumpkin was covered since he was having so much fun we let him decorate some paper.
And here's the AFTER pic...don't worry the paints non-toxic:)And for the final picture here is Charlie's costume, which I made all by my lonesome!! He is going to be Jack Jack from the Incredibles because he looks a lot like him! The Disney store wanted $99 for it, and I was like no freaking way, he is only going to wear it once I am not paying that much for decorated pjs come on people. So I bought a red onsie sewed on a velcro I for the incredibles and sewed on a cape, I know they don't have capes in the movie but it is pretty darn cute and he won't be flying anywhere so no worries. I think all in all it turned out good, and for about $25 bucks, it turned out great!


Katie Lee said...

I love it. Your little boy is so cute ! I didn't know you guys had a blog until you added me on facebook and I saw your post. Your family is adorable. Cam and I will be in Utah Tuesday Night. We have wedding pictures for you... we want to stop by. give us a call. 208-589-8532. and give me your Number so we can call you!

JHarris said...

That sounds great! Your little one is very cute too! My number is 208-604-4907 we don't have any plans so maybe we could grab a bite or something, it'd be great to catch up! Feel free to call or text me!