Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Baby Tag!! Do it if you want too!

1.Where were you when you first found out you were pregnant ? I thought I knew a week earlier but had a negative blood test, I found out by peeing on a few sticks at home but didn't truly believe it until the blood test.
2.Who was with you? No one

3. How did you find out you were pregnant? positive blood and urine Pregnancy Test

4. What was your first reaction to being pregnant? I knew it!!! Stupid doctors were wrong again! And then oh crap...

5. Who was the first person you told? Larin, duh!!

6. Did you plan to get pregnant? Yes but did not expect it to happen so quickly.

7. Did you tell everyone else right away? Kat made me promise whenever I got preggo she would be second in line and she was, and my sister Katie because the week before when I had a positive at home test but a negative blood test I called and talked to her and so she knew, then next would be the grandparents on both sides! OH and all the people at work because I had left super work super sick

8. Was everyone happy for you? Yuppers! We were estatic

9. Did you go out n celebrate? Nope, I was sick, weird right?

10. Did you want find out the sex?Yeah, I knew it was a boy, I just had that feeling from the get go.

11. What was the sex? Boy...I looked at Larin and said "Told you I knew it!"

12. Did anyone throw you a shower? Yes, got soooo many diapers

13. Did you get any outfits that you knew you wouldn't ever put on your baby? Nope, although some of them may not have made it since he grew so fast.

14. How much weight did you gain? 21lbs exactly

15. Did you lose all the weight that you gained? Right after in the first two months when I was breastfeeding, have gained a little, not all, of it back:
16. Did you get any stretch marks? Heck yes! I didn't have a single one(new anyways) until 37 weeks I woke up to an itchy zebra belly!

17. What did you crave the most? Milkshakes, MILK, I drank at least a half gallon a day in the last few weeks

18. Did you crave anything crazy? Not that I can think of, just always at random times.

19. Who or what got on your nerves? A guy I worked with tried to tell me there was no reason for me to be tired, I wanted to punch his face in, ummm...I was actually pretty tame until the last 2 weeks and EVERYONE bothered me with the "Still pregnant?" question, take a look do you SEE a baby, and do I normally look like a cow?

20. Did you have any complication with your pregnancy? They told me I had gestational diabetes then said I didn't?? Does that count? I got pretty sick sometimes, luckily not all the time though.

21. When and where did you go into labor? At home, like 7 hours before I was due to be induced.

22. Did your water break? Yup, I had gone to the hospital a week earlier because I thought it did and it didn't so when it actually did I waited like two hours and then had contractions like a minute apart and we went to the hospital at 3am ish.

23. Who drove to the hospital? Hubby, and he decided to send me out to the warming up car while he locked up the dog and the door to the car was LOCKED and I started having a contraction, I was MAD.

24. Who was in the room when you gave birth? Just Larin and me, and the doctor and nurses and student nurses.

25. Did you go early or late? By the book a week early, 39 weeks, by my mind 2 weeks late!

26. How long were you in labor for? My water broke at 1 and I had him at 8 so 7 hours, I was only pushing ten minutes.

27. Did you have drugs for the pain? Yes, an epidural, I could feel my left leg and hip hurt from how I was sitting but once they straightened me out to push I was pretty numb!

28. Natural or C-section? Natural

29. What was your first reaction when he was first born? "Holy cow, he looks JUST like his dad!" And I couldn't believe how perfectly round his little head was

30. How big was he? 6lbs.10 oz 18 1/2 in.

31. Did your peoples cry? Not right when I had him, later that night when I was cuddling him a few happy tears, Larin was all smiles!

32. What did you name your baby? Larry Charles "Charlie"

33. Any significant Meaning? Larry is Larin's dad, and Charles is Larin's uncle.

34. Any visitors? Yep, I had little time to sleep, but glad to see everyone.

35. Did baby have any complication? No, he was perfect!

36. How old is your baby today? 6 months

37. When is the next one coming? Haha, your kidding right? Talk to me in a few years!

38. If you could would you do it all over again? Yes, a million times yes, He is the light of our lives.

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