Tuesday, September 15, 2009

A Catch-Up

Yes, I have been bad updating...sorry! The little one finally got some professional pictures done and he behaved way better than expected, that is until he realized we were tricking him than he was pissed off!
We went up for a visit with the family and had a great time seeing everyone. I forgot to take pictures because I do stuff like that!! It is sad because he was having a good time with all the other kids but I don't realize I should've taken pictures until the moment is over. We are getting out to the pool as much as we can while it is still warm because Charlie is part fish I guess. We put him in his floaty and he kicks and swims off like 'thanks see ya later', and laughs when he gets splashed!Larin got his raise and will be officially a Staff Sgt. next month, which is waaaay sooner than we thought so that is great and I am so proud of him! He is finally being able to come home at more appropriate times which is great for me when Charlie is driving me CRAZY (which NEVER happens, wink wink). Charlie is looking and acting more and more like his daddy everyday, and never fails to make me laugh! He is such a gabber he says mama, dada, and NO all the time, boy oh boy can't wait until he figures out what it means, and of course screams gibberish the rest of the time. When he wakes up he'll yell "MOMMMA" until I bring in a bottle. He has also learned kissy noises and thinks he is hilarious. All in all we are doing awesome and having fun down here in Utah!
Oh, so handsome...You can see some reminiscent tears which is why I had to hold him!These are him before he realized the flash going off.If mama would let him ,this boy would NEVER wear clothes, but mama doesn't because he has figured out how to get out of his diaper and that can not ever lead to good things, for me anyways!Mini-Larin anyone?? He has sooo much hair it isn't fair, but you can't see it too well because it is very very blonde.He tooted and was CRACKING UP! What a weird kid I have.

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Dave and Lori said...

those pictures are so cute! you have such a cute baby! i'm glad larin is going to be able to come home at more normal times now. congrats on the promotion