Thursday, August 20, 2009

How big is he?

Huge! Charlie had his doctor's appointment today and we found out how big he has grown. He is now 15.6lbs and 25.5 in. long and not very happy about getting his shots! I can't believe how grown up he looks and how smart he is getting. He still won't say Dada, but says mama all the time and has recently started to say No...already, not a good sign. Larin passed his Staff Sgt. boards with an amazing 149/150! I knew he would do great, and we can expect a his raise in 6 months, YAY for money! He had to do recruiting at the fair and Charlie and I got to visit him. Charlie was so excited to see his daddy and be outside. I got to eat tons of fair food and it was tasty. I have got too many pictures so deal with it!
Showing how tall he is!When we took him to my Dr. appt. he was smiling like this at all the ladies, what a flirt!Visiting Dad at the fair and sooo happy!I like his sly smile in this one.This was really hard to pull off! He is getting heavy and my arm was still healing from my arterial line, ouch!
So sweet when he is sleepy, note the slobber puddle, just like dad.And he looks just like daddy in this one!

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