Monday, August 3, 2009

Four months old!!!!

The wee one is now four months old! Charlie smiles all the time now and giggles, says mama, and just babbles! He can roll from his tummy to his back now too so we have to keep close watch on him. I can't believe it has been four months already! He still hasn't had a tooth break in yet but they are working on it, and he can't wait, he eyes dad and I when we are eating. He sits pretty well, still falls forward sometimes and loves to stand with help! Lots about Charlie on this post because there isn't much else going on in our lives right now, and he is so darn cute! His appointment isn't until later this month so I will post how huge he has gotten then. Larin has his staff Sergeant boards next week and I'm sure he will do grand, I have just been keeping the house work going and the little one alive and happy. Not much else important going on here are the pics of Charlie, and note once again how few he is smiling in, he is such a little turd it is so hard to catch his grin on camera, ugh!The happiest time of day for him, FOOD!He had to be tricked to get him smiling..the poohead.His usual camera face, note how he looks exactly like his daddy(except for his lovely eyes from me)So tall, and strong too!

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Rachel and Robert said...

What a handsome boy! We miss you guys! Why can't you live closer?! : )