Wednesday, July 15, 2009

These are a few of my favorite things....(Charlie)

Three months old now, decided to let you know some of my favorite things, and some of the less than favorites.
I LOVE my jumper, it is fun!I DO NOT like naps, I may be taking one in the jumper but I know I'm missing stuff!
I LOVE going on walks with Mommy and Daddy.I DO NOT like that Suzie(our dog) has to come she smells worse than me.
I LOVE baths.I DO NOT like being cleaned, why can't I just kick around?!
I LOVE sitting in my bumbo chewing on my silky.I DO NOT like how my mommy insists on taking pictures of it.
I LOVE eating.Did I mention I LOVE FOOD!!!And I LOVE my mommy and daddy...even when they are mad at me.


Rachel and Robert said...

Charlie's getting so big! And so handsome! I love the picture of him in the Bumbo. Too cute!

Dave and Lori said...

that's so cute that you wrote it like he was the one saying it. way cute pictures. it looks like he has a lot of personality already