Wednesday, July 8, 2009

4th of July weekend

Here are some pictures of our trip up to Idaho Falls for the fourth and Charlie's blessing. We didn't go to the fireworks because we didn't feel Charlie would like it and I had a pounding headache but we were able to see all of our families. We had the blessing at my parents house and had a BBQ afterward...not much else going on just glad to be back home and in the swing of things!Happy Baby! This was just as we were starting out, he was not so happy after he realized it was a long ride!Getting ready for church with daddyNot so happy with mom putting a hat on himJust got blessed and being so well behaved!All in all it was a good trip but the boy was happy to be home, although you can't see it here! This is his "mom stop taking pictures" face!

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Becca said...

Jessica sorry that you had such a bad headache on the 4th. It was fun to get together with your family and watch the fireworks. Charlie is such a cutie, and hopefully I can meet your little man! He's getting so big, and you are doing a great job at being his mom!