Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Happy Father's Day (yeah, I know it's early)

So I pulled a serious blond moment this last Sunday and celebrated Father's Day. I guess I thought since Mother's Day is the second week of May, Father's day must be the second week of June but its not. Anywho, I just wanted to let my husband know how proud I am of him and how much Charlie and I love and depend on him! I went out in a hissy on Saturday night thinking I was doing last minute shopping and got Larin a grill! He has wanted one forever and I finally caved, I must say that I like it too, since I don't have to cook or clean since its outside, and he has made some tasty stuff!
Here is Charlie's first picture of him actually smiling, he looks so much like his daddy! He has finally started to not be such a momma's boy, thank goodness! His doctors appointment was today and he has gotten so BIG!!! He is 12lbs. 4 oz. and a whopping 22 3/4 in.!!! He had to get 3 shots and was not happy about that at all, poor thing screamed so hard he fell asleep from all the effort.
And a little suprise, he is TEETHING! I know, what??? Just 12 weeks and he has two little mounds on his bottom jaw and can't keep his hands out of his mouth just chewing chewing chewing and drooling drooling drooling! Let me tell you he also screams in pain every once and awhile, it's so sad and tiring! The only other child I knew that actually teethed this early is Taylor. I guess my little boy just wants to be all grown up, it's so bittersweet....

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kmelanese said...

Holy cow!! Look at those eye lashes!! What a cutie!!!