Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A big boy!

Charlie has officially found his hands, I don't think he knows they are his and he controls them but he found them! He has his two month appointment next week and I'm so excited to find out just how big he is now. I took some pics and video of his favorite thing, BATHTIME, he can't get enough and loves to kick and splash, but only with one foot, yeah he's a weirdo...Kind of smiling...

All right the video won't load.
And here are some pictures of him so cute, every time the flash went off he stopped smiling, such his father's child.I know so many posts and pics but he's my first so I'm allowed right?


Rachel and Robert said...

He's so handsome! What a cute outfit ; ) We miss you guys!

kmelanese said...

He is getting so big!!!