Thursday, November 12, 2009

Cute little man and official start date.

So to start off I have a few pictures of Charlie doing his new stuff. He leans back all the way in his jumper and thinks he is hilarious, he seriously does this for minutes at a time.
And then his excited, 'this is awesome' face, the other day I saw Larin making this face at him so I know where he learned it. He also screams while doing this like "YEAH!!!". I often wonder where in the world I found this little one!
So I got the Nutrisystem stuff and was a little disappointed about how much extra food you have to buy to go with the food you already bought since you pay a bit for it but since I'm only doing it this month I'll live. I chose to only do this system for a month because the dietitian I saw (for my 'imaginary' diabetes that has disappeared) says that it takes a month for the body to stop craving your usual foods and get used to the smaller more spaced out portions. I figure having the Nutrisystem to help that first tough month will be good. So my before pic is a little outdated but I didn't feel the need to take a new one, that's just mean:) But here's the starting stats, I'm a little ashamed but it can only get better!
Weight:156lbs.- Yikes only five pounds away from my full term pregnancy weight!
Waist:32.5 in.
Hips:41 in.
Legs:25 in.
Arms:14.5 in.
Bust: Ha, like I'd tell you that one anyway!
I'll post the new(hopefully a bit smaller) stats in two weeks and admit my exercise, no lies!!


kmelanese said...

I LOVE that face!!!

Jewls said...

oh man I totally understand this hardship in life i think that i weigh more than I did when I gave birth to Jason!! Let me know how you like nutrisystem I have been thinking about doing something like that I just need a push in the right direction! I miss you and it sucks that i had to work the day you could hang out!! How long are you gonna be in town? Let me know maybe we can do something before you leave!