Saturday, October 9, 2010

Feeling VERY grateful.

As most of you know we had another close call with Larin's father last week. He was very close to death a few times in the week we were up there, it was scary and deja-vuie (no, not a real word). It took me back to when I was laboring in the hospital and waiting for Larin's phone to ring with more news on his father's status and waiting for Charlie to come so we could get up to Idaho and hopefully see him once more. We made it and he had a successful surgery and was blessed with more time. And we love Grandpa Harris so much! Now a year and a half later we were sitting in the same hospital in an even more serious situation. Once again the man beat the horrible odds and is still here with us, he has a very long and laborious recovery ahead of him but as he has shown us before he is a fighter. Why does it take something so scary and sad to make us realize what we have I'll never know, I wish I noticed the amazing things in my life more! It was a major stressful week, Charlie got an ear infection so the little sleep we were getting lessened. Then coming home and making up for the time away added stress and I was not a pleasant person to be around I'm sure. Than Larin's birthday came around and he decided he wanted to do nothing...relax all day. So we have and it's been wonderful, and we had an awesome family nap and I sit and look at my family and think how great it all really is. My husband is such a wonderful man who takes such great care of us and still loves me even on my meanie days. Then there's Charlie, who has decided to ring in the terrible twos 6 months early, but still has those moments that makes my heart melt, makes me laugh until I cry, and sometimes if he feels like it will cuddle me and give me hugs and kisses. So I've felt so picked on and tired of life's curve balls but than I see this and remember I have it pretty rad...pretty rad indeed.

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kmelanese said...

Charlie cracks me up!!! I have the cutest nephew EVER!!!!