Sunday, December 5, 2010

The Dentist and why I hate going.

It's finals week and I'm supposed to be studying so I thought what better time to update the blog, right. So this is my procrastination post. I hate the dentist, not the actual person, I'm certain they are normal nice people but while they are drilling my mouth they are pretty much plain old evil. I'm also a very anxious person, like super should take medication for it anxious and the dentist is something that kicks it into high gear. I take crazy care of my teeth in order to not go. I had been putting off going for awhile and then decided about a year ago it was about time. I went and had 3 cavities no surprise considering I hadn't gone in forever. The dentist, who was actually not too bad to look at, said they were just surface cavities and he could fill them in a short appointment. Next week I came in for a 20 minute appointment or so I thought here's a synopsis of the past YEAR of dentist appointments:

-Supposed 20 minute appointment gets extended, dentist keeps saying things like "Whoa" -"this is going to be longer than I thought" and something about my tooth "having an abnormally large pulp". He tells me I might need a root canal and I'm going to be in pain for awhile. What?

-Pain, lot's of it. I despise tooth pain. I'd rather have labor pains. Seriously. The dentist even called the next night to check up on me- he knew this was going to happen. See evil.

-Ibuprofen, lot's of it.

-I lie to myself, convince myself the pain will stop because there is no way I'm going back.

-I finally go in mostly because my husband threatened to kick me out on the couch if I didn't. I see another dentist who takes an x-ray and gives me the whole abnormally large pulp bit and how they couldn't have foreseen this until they started drilling. I can wait and see if it stops but then the tooth will probably die and I'll get an abscess and have to have a root canal anyway and other problems or get a root canal. I opt to wait- the dentist cannot win.

-I give up probably because my stomach couldn't handle anymore ibuprofen. I schedule the dreaded root canal and pout. Anxiety builds- I'm fairly certain a root canal will kill me and leave my child motherless further feeding my hate for the dentist.

-Part one of root canal- I was unaware there was more than one part. More hate- more pain. Root canals suck, no matter how much Novocain they give you they inevitably hit a nerve and you will cry. It still hurts and costs a pretty penny even with insurance. Now I'm sure they made up everything, my tooth will hurt forever and they are just in it to take my money and leave my child motherless. Pain eases a bit so I have hope.

-Part two of root canal-what I thought would be the end and then they explain that I have a temporary crown and need to set up another appointment for the permanent one. I have survived so far so I'm thinking that it can't get too much worse and I figure I've paid for it all… nope wrong.

-Part one of permanent crown. Once again I discover that there is more than one part. $400 more. Stupid. On the upside pretty dentist is back so I can stare at him while he defiles my tooth. He slips with the drill and drills a chunk of my gum and tongue off and they try to pretend it didn't happen. I felt a sharp jab of pain even through the Novocain and have blood flicking all over my glasses I know something is up. They try to cover it up and have a conversation with me even though I can't answer back since there are four hands, a drill and now a large amount of blood and gauze in my mouth. I decide that dentists are evil all the time- I had given them too much credit. Did I mention this was the day before Thanksgiving and I have been instructed to take it easy with the food…I curse cute dentist under my breath to choke on a turkey bone.

Part two of the permanent crown has been scheduled for the 15th I will go and undoubtedly hate it. My tongue has pretty much healed up, I'm not dead but I still hate the dentist.

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