Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Long time...

I know it's been like over two months eek, bad. School, all sorts of travels, all sorts of stuff with the wee one and just general life! Charlie is all grown up now, he wants to do everything by himself. Now that he is walking he all but refuses to allow me to carry him when we go places. This invariably leads to plenty of bumps and bruises. Poor kid also has my bruise-like-a-peach gene and a new bruise everyday! The other day he began throwing a temper tantrum and running down the hall with his eyes closed and ran right into the wall. I'll admit, I laughed pretty hard. We've got to do fun stuff now that he's is older and mobile. I finished my summer semester so now we are doing swim classes before I have to start up fall semester. He is so excited about it and is doing fabulous. No longer scared of putting his face under, which is good, and true to self he tries to do it all by himself. All for now here's some pics.Note the pen marks all over his right leg, I still don't know where this pen came from or went to.

He turned a table over to make a chocolate milk lake, and then climbed in.

At the aquarium!

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kmelanese said...

I love his chocolate milk lake!! HAHA!!