Monday, May 24, 2010

Charlie's new name- Messy McGetintoEverything....

Due to the recent weeks of naughtiness I do believe we should change Charlie's name. Messy McGetintoEverything. How did I come to this decision, I can show you better than tell you..... Keep in mind I only catch very little of his naughtiness on camera, so imagine the following pictures happening over and over day after day.
Caught red handed

Mashed Mac n Cheese
Ever wonder what happens when you stuff 10 Teddy Grahams in your mouth and then realize it's too much to swallow. This is what happens.
He has been dragging around his toys like this, I don't know why...
Ever get a random nonsensical text or strange phone call from me, this would be why.
Oh, and he's naked because he just had dinner, and it's easier to just take off his clothes then wipe him down.
He thought it was pretty funny
Until he realized I was mad and he was in trouble
Yes, those are tampons that he got out from under the sink
I don't know how food ended up smashed into the wallNow that he can stand and climb onto things it is only getting worse, it is amazing what a kid can do in one minute, like eat half a bowl of dog food or use the toilet to 'clean' their toys.

By the time Larin gets home and Charlie is doing something naughty I don't even have the strength to yell so I just laugh. That's the reason God made kids so darn cute, so you don't beat them senseless by the end of the day.

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kmelanese said...

HaHaHa!! I love how he smiles while doing all these naughty things. RJ did that exact same thing to the wipes just last week.