Tuesday, May 4, 2010

I needed to update...badly.

Yes, yes i know it has been awhile, we've been busy ok! We had a great vacation up to Idaho, starting in Mountain Home visiting my sister and her family and ending with Charlie's 1st birthday and 2nd Easter with the grandparents in Idaho Falls. His birthday was Insane with a capital I! The entire Harris clan made it (all 40+ people) and a few from my side were there. He got super spoiled of course and he couldn't care less about the presents. His cousin Spencer was quite the helper with opening presents it was hilarious! He kept telling me that we had to take the toys out of the boxes because Charlie wanted to play with them.There are millions of photos, and they are on facebook so I'll just post a few!Cake!!Easter morning and happy about the candy!
Just the wee one and I went up to Idaho Falls to send-off my best friend Kat, she's graduated ISU and is going to move to South Carolina so we had to see her before she left. Charlie loved all the attention and was showing off to Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan by CLIMBING THE STAIRS!!! It was a nice four day weekend for us to catch up with family and friends.He loved the tramp at Grandma's!
Larin is loving his new job down at battalion in SLC and is a ton more relaxed now that he isn't a recruiter! I like him coming home at more decent times and in a better mood!
I have started up school again and am glad to be getting it done yet stressed, homework is a lot harder when you have a 1 year old trying to get on the computer.Charlie has changed so much from my last post. He can climb on everything, we had to buy a new entertainment center to keep him from the TV and pressing all the buttons on dad's game consoles(yes we have more than one). He is still a chatter-box but it's becoming clearer and clearer, except when he growls-that's still not very clear:) He can stand all by himself and it is super hard to get him to sleep because he just stands in his cribs and throws things at the wall. He finally started drinking from a sippy cup but still takes bottles at night and nap time. He begs and eats all sorts of foods now and has FOUR teeth.Oh what else..oh yeah, he WALKED! He's been walking with his toy for a while but yesterday he took steps without it and I just about cried! He's so grown up!!!!
Here's a video of him walking with his toy, I haven't gotten him without it yet, he's so cute!

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