Monday, January 11, 2010

My New Year's decision...

Yes, it is the 11th and I'm just getting to it but here goes. I decided to try new things and have chosen 7 that I want to try and WILL do!

1. Learn a new Language...I have the best opportunity because my husband is in the military and we have FREE access to Rosetta Stone. Come on, I know you've seen the commercials. I figure I'm a stay at home mom so I thinking I need to do it 30min. a day 5 days a week isn't crazy, I can do it! So I choose SPANISH! I actually used to know quite a bit having to converse with my co-workers at Sol-Rio. But after not working there and dropping Spanish in High School (Senor Kerns creeped me out majorly) I think it will be easy to get back into- hopefully!

2. Finish my many crafts I started!- Yup, I've been known to start one and never get around to finishing it, I have like 5 right now that need to get done so I will get on it! And maybe when I'm done start decorating my house, it's pretty plain!

3. Work out!- Everyone says this but I'm going to I swear!! My abs are pretty much non-existent since a certain little boy was growing in my belly- Same as the language thing 5 days a week at least 30 min a day, I've done two days so far so yay!! So yeah, I'll never look that good ---------------------------------->
without surgical intervention but a girl can dream, or my husband can;)

4. Get out of the house as a couple- Larin got great news that he will not have to work as a recruiter the remainder of our months here so he will now have NORMAL HOURS!!!!! So we need to start keeping the romance alive- so we try new thing together or just go out on a date at least 3 times a month!!!

5. Read the Scriptures- It's been a loooonnggg time, now that I have a child I need to get back into religion so we can be a family for eternity. Larin and I always say we are going to start it up, the whole going back to church and what not and now we have a great reason too.

6. Learn to Cook better- I'm an awesome baker but my cooking skills fall pretty FLAT, or bland if you ask Larin. So more food from SCRATCH for our dinners- dinner as a family!! In this case WISH LARIN LUCK!

- This is an idea that I've been brooding about for awhile, reading up on and what not. My family always gets together and is like "we need a family picture before anyone gets pregnant again or moves far away...". I thought maybe I could learn to do it and do it well and hey wherever my husband, Charlie and I end up I could do it as a job out of my house. Maybe that part won't happen but I'd like to have more family pictures and it's such a hassle to get Larin in on it so if I can do it myself at home we would actually have them! The camera I want and it's accessories is $450, yikes, so this one might be a little later in the year after I save up that much! Taking donations-just kidding-unless you have money you want to give me then do.
So there you go- I hope I can do all of these! Wish me LUCK!!


Justin and Christy Congdon said...

I COMPLETELY agree with Senor Kerns. What a weirdo.....and I didn't learn a darn thing the whole time I was in his class!

JHarris said...

He always had to tell me how beautiful he thought I was, and always hovered over me...I'm glad I'm not the only one!!