Monday, February 22, 2010

Just living life.

Well I haven't updated in awhile but we haven't done anything marvelously amazing of late just living life! My baby is growing up far too fast I love all the new stuff we get to do now that he's older but he'll snuggle up to me and I miss the tiny little baby he was! He can now crawl, is great at standing and walks when helped, and has two teethies!!! I haven't been able to get a picture of them because he sticks his tongue out. I've tried to get him playing patti-cake on camera but he freezes and smiles! He is enjoying eating everything and is very demanding when you don't share and has figured out how to throw super tantrums, way fun. He is jibber-jabbering all the time too and loves to tell stories and get books read to him.Reading his books with his feet up on his toy.
I'm planning on enrolling him in baby swimming class once it gets a little warmer because I know he'll love it and I'm excited to get to do that with him! I'll also be starting up some school get a few more generals out of the way since we'll be here until January.
We got our taxes back and paid off some bills and my ring! It's so beautiful I had to post a picture and flaunt it a little!And of course Larin bought a gun he wanted, he is so excited and can't wait until hunting season starts.After that we still had some to put in savings! YAY! We are planning on getting a new mattress here soon and once we save a little more a new car, a four-door so Larin can drive his truck and I won't have to try and squeeze Charlie's seat into the Honda! That and save a pretty penny on gas. That's all for now!

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kmelanese said...

LOVE your ring!!! Oh and Ryan LOVES Larin's gun...