Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Charlie's first Christmas!

The weeks leading up to Christmas were pretty insane, it felt like we were never home! Larin got his promotion up in Idaho at training which was a BIG accomplishment so WAY TO GO BABY! They don't look alike at all do they?
Afterward was his Battalion's Christmas party and SANTA was there, it was waaayyy exciting. We were watching Spencer and Madelyn and Spencer got a hold of the camera so there were pictures of the carpet and people's butts and Spencer's face! Spencer enjoyed seeing Santa more than Charlie and definitely more than Maddi who wrapped herself around me as soon as Santa came and screamed if he got too close!Not a bad picture from Spencer!Spencer asking Santa for a paddle, yeah Santa looked at me very confused!A picture from Spencer's escapade with the camera, there were 10 like this one!It was like Charlie is used to seeing a big fat man in a red with a big beard, he's so nonchalant.Charlie got ahold of a candy cane and was pretty pleased!
So Christmas Eve morning we had Christmas at our house so we could have our first family Christmas with just us three! It's not like Charlie had any idea what was going on anyways, he just knew it was exciting! The wee one made away like a bandit with plenty of toys and a new fish tank which he can sit and stare at for minutes, which is a long time for a baby!His BIG fish tankWaiting on Daddy to come open presents!UMmm...why is everyone so excited??He is in love with his Step n' Ride
We then packed up and headed up to Idaho to have Christmas with family where Charlie got even more spoiled and got much needed clothes since that kid is growing like a weed. Grandpa helping him open his presents!
He is already in 12 month clothes and isn't even 9 months yet, he's also VERY sturdy, not super chubby(except his cheeks!). Go ahead pick him up if you don't believe me, or carry him around for a day and feel the burn in your arms! Charlie loved playing with his cousins, especially R.J. since they are close to the same size, R.J. was excited to have someone to pick on but Charlie thought it was all fun. I love this one because it looks like they are having some kind of conversation!It was a fun weekend but it was certainly nice to come home after!

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kmelanese said...

I was just about to yell at you to update your blog! The pictures are so cute! I love all his facial expressions! I can't believe he is wearing 12 month clothes! Poor Charlie was getting toys taken away by RJ. I love the one where it looks like they are talking!