Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving vacay!

For Thanksgiving we went up to Idaho Falls of course and had a great time seeing everyone! This picture is actually before we left at our house, Charlie was "helping" with the laundry.
Charlie isn't much of an eater which is hard to believe when looking at those adorable rolls but he seems to have finally gotten over the texture of foods and was eating tons at Grandma and Grandpa Sullivan. We stripped him down to his diaper and threw some whipped cream and let him at it. At first he wouldn't put it in his mouth he would just squish it, of course I give him food and he doesn't put it in his mouth but any garbage he finds on the floor he eats it right away!
I put him on this little push car because we got him one like it for Christmas(don't tell!) and I wanted to see if he liked it, he did! R.J. thought it was fun to push him around for a few minutes and then pushed him off, maybe he got too heavy.

Larin and I got to go out with friends sans the wee one which was great. We went bowling and first round I got a whopping 24, with Larin bowling a frame for me so I think it was really 17. This made me come to the realization Wii bowling is completely unrealistic and should not be taken seriously because I can whoop some butt on that thing. We also got together and did karaoke. Did I mention I would rather be forced to do an interpretive dance of my life experiences half naked than sing do karaoke, well I would just don't hold me to it. One thing Larin forgot to mention was that EVERYONE else there had singing experience, yeah, well I figured it out. In the end I had fun so I guess I will survive the embarrassment. We all came home with wonderful colds, what a fun souvenir, kids are good for that.
So my diet...hmmm... okay I have not been working out, I have however increased my physical activity by taking Charlie on walks and what not, I will try harder I promise! Tsk tsk, I know but I have been eating waaaayyyy better, minus a few weak moments during the holiday( stupid ice cream and pie, grr). But I have lost some!!
Weight:148 Lost-8 lbs!
Waist: 30 Lost- 2.5 ins!
Hips: 38 Lost- 2.5 ins!
Legs: 23.5 Lost- 1.5 ins!
Arms: 11.5 Lost- 0.5 ins!
It just doesn't seem real, I feel smaller just not by that much, maybe I was super bloated when I did the first measurements!! So Nutrisystem, eh, I'll give it a 7 out of 10. Pros- I lost weight, I wasn't hungry- in fact I was too full sometimes, and it took the guesswork of what to eat when. Cons- Cost of course, it isn't cheap and you still have to buy a lot of fruits and veggies to go with it, taste, some of the entrees were good some not so much and not having dinner as a family. I'm just finishing it up and hoping that I have learned the right way to eat. I figure if I actually start working out it will hopefully even all out! So I still want to lose 8 more pounds, at first I wanted to be 135 but I think that is unrealistic considering I haven't weighed that since I was 15 and my body has changed due to the human being I grew in it so 140 sounds good to me. And I'm also hoping to tone up my lower half, gravity ain't giving me any freebies here. I think I can I think I can I think I can....

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kmelanese said...

WooHoo on your weight loss!!!!! That is awesome!