Tuesday, March 10, 2009

The Rollover

So most of you have heard what happened. I came up to Idaho in our Honda to get it fixed and get Suzie fixed and stay the weekend for my baby shower (later post!). Larin wasn't going to come up but hasn't seen his family in so long he decided to make the trip even though he wouldn't get to stay long, so he headed up a day after me. I was just making me some dinner when my phone rang and it was Larin. He said "I just rolled the Durango"
"Huh, what?"
"I just rolled the Durango"
"Are you okay, were you wearing your seatbelt!!??"
There was a storm that had iced over I-15 in between Malad and Pocatello and Larin hit a patch and then hit a patch of dry road launching the SUV over a lane and rolling into the center median! He kicked the door open found his army first aid kit, wrapped his bleeding hand and found his phone and called me, his parents and his boss! Apparently they train those army boys pretty well. When he arrived at the Malad hospital they were very suprised that he was in such good condition and had taken care of his own bleeding. No broken bones, just lots of bruises, a few goose eggs on his head, and glass all over, also his bad back is acting up again. I was freaking out and having horrible cramps the whole ride to see him but when we walked in and he was okay I yelled at him, are you trying to make me have this baby!! The nurse said I better not go into labor because they don't deliver babies since it is such a small hospital and I told her if he is going to come out they are going to be delivering babies there. Luckily once I calmed down a little the cramping stopped, good thing too because Kathrine would have been very mad if I had my baby the day before the shower! We decided Larin is a lucky unlucky person considering if he had driven the honda instead he wouldn't be here! Here are the pictures of the durango, we are glad this car took the rolling so well!
Larin doesn't do anything halfway!!!!


Becca said...

I am glad that Larin is ok. That would freak me out too.

Anonymous said...

Wow I'm glad he's ok!!