Tuesday, February 10, 2009

32 weeks

Just a quick update, went to the doctor and weighed the same I did last time!! Probably because they weren't letting me eat anything! I talked to the doctor and was like um, I don't have gestational diabetes, my blood sugars have been fine. She said, oh yeah, it looks like your probably just sensitive to sugar....GRRRR, Yeah, I knew that like three weeks ago when this all started but whatever. I scared myself today by counting the days until I am 37 weeks and there are only 35 days, and I was thinking wow, I've been waiting for him to come and now I'm not so sure I'm ready! Larin says it is too late now!
The cold that everyone has been getting has made it to our house, it started in Larin and I thought I had dodged it and then woke up a few days ago coughing.
Robert and Rachel and their family were passing through and asked if they could drop in, I said sure if they wanted to brave the sickness, but apparently it had already been passed around their family. It was nice to see them, little Spencer is so grown up now, I say that all the time but him and Robert were playing and talking and I am like he is just like his dad! I'm glad family stops by since it is so hard for us to get up to Idaho with Larin's schedule.
Our apartment complex finally chipped out the ice in our area of the parking lot and what do ya know, we had a winter storm come through and the sun doesn't hit our area so it's all piled up again!
Anyways, no pictures this time, I really am trying to get the nursery all put together! There's our past two weeks in a nutshell!


Rachel and Robert said...

It was great seeing you guys! I'm sad that we aren't able to see you more often. Maybe someday we'll all live close, again! The last days of pregnancy are crazy ones, but try to enjoy them. Before you know it, you won't be able to remember what life was like before Charlie got here. Hope you guys feel better soon!

The Shaws said...

I heart you!!