Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Week 30 and Dr. update.

Well, I didn't pass my three hour glucose test, surprise! I have to go meet with the diabetic diet counselor, even though my fasting and my three hour sugars were well within normal I guess the others were not. I have DIR, for those who don't know anything about sugar and insulin release let me explain where I fall. If you have type I diabetes your body doesn't make insulin, if you have type 2 diabetes your body makes insulin but it is not functional, and DIR, which stands for delayed insulin release, means my insulin works fine and my body makes it, not diabetes at all. I just don't release it right away or in small amounts so my blood sugar goes a little high my body produces insulin and instead of releasing a little at a time to keep my sugars normal it waits and releases a large amount causing my sugars to drop really low. One time it got to 35 and it is not supposed to go below 70, so if they treat me for diabetes and give me insulin....bad idea! I have felt a lot better since I got pregnant and haven't fell too low in awhile and I really don't want to give up on my cravings!! Hopefully I can convince the counselor. Anywho, afterwards I was a little upset and told Larin that I might as well get an Icee since I might not get one later, and the Icee machine was broken!!! Bad day! Here's the week 30 belly picture, 7 weeks left by my count.....Starting to gain weight other than my belly! 17 pounds so far! We are finally getting somewhere on getting all the stuff for Charlie. Isn't it crazy that for a baby, tiny little thing, you have to buy I'm gonna say like 900 different items! I don't want to post pics of the nursery until it is completely done, but it is looking so cute. My new thing is finding cheap but nice things for the baby I get soo excited when I get a good deal. Larin doesn't really like buying stuff used since it's our first baby so a lot of the stuff is new and costly but I found a travel system, that's the stroller, the car seat and the car seat base for $50! And it doesn't look used at all and I got a military discount, saweet.I love it! I just had to post a picture because I am so proud of myself. Lastly, here's the latest picture of Charlie, he is sooo cute! Okay so I'm a little biased, but come on look at him!

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Cannon Family said...

You are so cute and little pregnant!!!