Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yes, anything and everything strange that happens to me is because I'm pregnant. There are the things you expect when you get preggo and the stuff that apparently happens to everyone but NO ONE tells you. Acne, yeah that beautiful pregnant lady glow makes a great home for pimples... the constant abdominal pressure, once you think about it it makes perfect sense, I have a human in there it's going to get crowded but my ab muscles ache all the time! I can smell what you ate an hour ago, and yes it smells bad. Do not under any circumstances try and shave your legs standing in the shower, the soapy floor, your giant belly and the akward position... I have a giant bruise on my back because of this, do not try it! Random need of naps, like REALLY random. I cried the other day while reading a book and Larin made fun of me, he said it was cute and that just made me mad so I pouted and he laughed even harder which in turn made me even more angry. Strange dreams, really weird to the point of scary, like Alice in Wonderland creepy. Super dry skin along with the acne, I can't explain how that happens but it does. Complete and utter absentmindedness, I ask Larin a question and ask it again in five minutes because I forgot I asked him, I leave my purse, keys, notebooks, etc. all over the place. So I ask my doctor about these things, and what is her answer... oh, that's just because you're pregnant. What can I do about it.... wait until you aren't pregnant. That's helpful, yeah, I am glad you went to all that medical school to tell me that, THANKS. As you can tell the hormones have begun raging and making me a fun person to be around! Anywho, we got our TV and Larin loves it, now whenever he sees our other TVs he says they are too small. Men are weird. I am so excited about going up for thanksgiving. You know how usually you are like hmmm... the apple and the pumpkin and the cherry pie all look so good but you can only choose one because you are watching your weight over the holidays... not me I'm going to have a slice of apple, pumpkin and cherry pie because no matter what I do I'm going to gain weight so I am going to have a ball doing it! Why... BECAUSE I'M PREGNANT!

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Jewls said...

Yes unfortunately that all goes with the pregnancy territory! Some pregnancies are worse than others with Tyson I was great and went without a lot of that stuff but with Jason man I was a mess I was constantly forgetting stuff especially at work I swear if half the O.R. wasn't prego with me they would have thought I was completely nuts! Don't worry it gets better well .... I guess you have to wait til you have the baby but it will all be worth it don't fret!