Wednesday, May 27, 2009

On our own!

So Charlie and I survived our month without Larin, with the help of family of course! After a week of just the two of us we packed up and went to stay with my mom and visit friends and family in IFtown. We go pick up daddy/the husband in a few hours and then go back up to Idaho so Larin can see family too! Some pictures of our adventure...Taking a bath in the sink at home...he LOVES baths
Before going to IdahoNapping with GrandmaSpencer is soooo grown up, he told me he is 17Cassie and SpencerCassie pretending to put the boutineer onMe actually putting the boutineer on Davis, Cassie's date
Suzie passed out! She had fun too
The little man is a whole two months old now, it is insane that I have a two month old right? And as soon as I figure out how to post videos I have some funny ones of little Charlie!

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