Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One final down, one more to go!

Ok, so I haven't posted in a little bit! Larin and I went up to Idaho for Thanksgiving and had tons of fun. I got to see all of our nieces and nephews, the 23 on Larin's side and the 5 on mine. I was lucky and Robert and Rachel stopped by to see us on their way to Florida so I got to see Spencer, who is sooo grown up it is insane, and Madelyn, she was so cute and giggly the whole time! When we got to Idaho we watched Taylor, Brooklyn and RJ, and those kids cracked us up! Taylor walked up to Larin and told him, very matter-of-factly.."Brooklyn doesn't like you." Little Brookie stood in the shadows and was scared to be alone with Larin but was fine if we were there, which was funny considering we watched her for a week once and she had no problem with him then. RJ is getting nice and chubby and a goof! While Katie was doing my hair Brookie needed her diaper changed and Taylor said she'd do it. Curious Katie agreed and we watched her change Brookie and she actually did a suprisingly good job, just needed a little tightening and she definitely had to wash her hands afterwards but it was funny to watch! I ate two Thanksgivings, Larin's families and some of my families, so that was awesome. The day after we had Larin's family's Christmas party, so more food and fun there! And Larin got to catch up with all of his siblings.
So back home everything is going great. We had our first snow yesterday and I was sooo excited. I put up our Christmas decorations and am proud of my little tree!
Since our poor little deaf puppy gets cold so quickly Larin got her a coat, and yes I know its blue and shes a girl, but Larin wanted it because it has camo on it! So my dog is now a little bit retarded, stone deaf, and completely gender-confused. Here are some pics of her in her jacket and her first walk in the snow, she just tried to eat it...
Lastly, here is an update on the belly pics, our little Charlie is the most active baby on the planet and is constantly kicking me. When we lay down to go to bed I make Larin watch my stomach because he is getting so big you can see the whole belly move! It is sooo amazing to have this little life in me that we created, I love it!! Oh and before I forget, Thanks Katie for doing my hair!

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kmelanese said...

Thanks for watching my kids while I slept! I love your tree! It is so pretty. I won't comment on your handicapped dog.